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Sep 6, 2001 05:29 PM

Suggestions for informal dining in central London?

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Next month I will spend just a day or so in London en route to Kuwait (Mmmm, schwarmas!). Having never been in London before, I'm soliciting recommendations for places to eat in the general area of The Strand/Covent Garden. To be honest, I am partial to pub restaurants and even street food or any establishment that serves reasonably priced decent food in an informal atmosphere. I am open to just about anything that might add a unique and pleasant dining experience (I will close my eyes at the sight of a Pizza Hut or McDonalds!)to my short stay. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

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  1. If I had one day in central London, I'd surely choose to eat at The Eagle, a cash-only gastropub at 159 Farringdon Road (a little bit east of Covent Garden/The Strand, but not prohibitively far) in Clerkenwell. Good atmosphere and a hectic little kitchen right behind the bar that turns out hearty, delicious, Mediterranean-influenced cooking.

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      Just had lunch at the Eagle, it was outstanding.

      Had a pumpkin and white bean soup and a Maltese Octopus casserole (red wine, olives, and pignolis) which were both good, rustic, zesty dishes, served with crusty bread. Hearty and flavorful meal, maybe the best I've had in the UK. Highly recommended.

      The place is out near Rosebery Ave on 157 Farringdon Road, closest tube is Farringdon tube stop. Selection of beers is boring, you'll do better with wine.

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      John Siddall

      Try the Lamb & Flag in Covent Garden. Let me know if you need directions - or want to know of anywhere else.

      1. Sounds like you should head for Andrew Edmunds in Lexington Street, Soho. A step up from pub grub but it certainly falls into the ‘reasonably priced decent food in an informal atmosphere’ category. It’s kinda romantic in a boho soho sort of way, so take a date if you can find one.

        1. Of the three previous suggestions, I like the Eagle the best, but now I no longer live in London when I pass through I try to eat in Alastair Little's in Frith Street.

          I think they serve some of the best and most interesting food around, in a kind of understated way, everything tastes of what it is, sophisticated. I think three courses are GBP 35, choose from the menu.

          I can happily spend an evening there on my own! good wine list too.