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Sep 2, 2001 05:58 AM

Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino

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I'm going to this area of Liguria for a couple of nights and wondered if anyone had any restaurant or food shop recommendations.
Thanking you in advance...

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  1. I'm embarrassed that I can't provide the name of a wonderful little restaurant but it's located in Santa Margherita on a narrow street or alleyway that connects the main street of the town (that's on the waterfront) to a back street (as you're walking from the waterfront area down the narrow street or alley, it will be on your left). The staff at our hotel (Continental) recommended it. There are tables outside but we ate inside (people were smoking at the outside tables so we were glad to be away from that; we were also glad we went early as it started filling up with people about the time we were done with our meal and it is a small place). The restaurant is very plain, but the food was memorable. We had frito misto (excellent) and that famous Ligurian specialty, pasta with green beans, pesto and potatoes (it was out of this world!). I still cannot get over how absolutely picture perfect Santa Margherita is (you never hear about it, everyone always talks about Portofino and skips over S.M.). You will love this town!

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      Wow, I think we ate at the same place and I cannot remember the name of it either. A local recommended it to us and i had the pesto with green beans and potatoes and it was in a little alley.....

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        Too bad we can't remember the name of this wonderful little restaurant. I've tried to recreate the dish and it never tastes as great as what they served (altho' if you want to make it, don't add the reserved cooking water from the pasta as stated in all the recipes for this dish...just add plain water cause the cooking water makes it pasty...I learned that at Italofiles (Epicurious website) from one of the Italian posters). Another great memory from Santa Margherita is the columns of smoke you see on the hillsides and you know those Ligurians are cooking up some wonderful food in their backyards.