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Aug 30, 2001 02:57 PM

Top Paris Restaurants

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Time to bring out the heavy artillery. My wife, I and a good friend are planning a culinary trip to Paris early in the new year (we would definitely consider side trips to exceptional places in nearby towns). On the agenda is to sample some of the finest cuisine that Paris has to offer. We are thinking of hitting at least four top restaurants for dinner (and maybe a couple of lunches). Guy Savoy is already on the list owing to our flirtation with nirvana there in the spring of 2000.

If price were no object, which five restaurants would you absolutely go to and why.

Any suggestions about reservations (is four months enough time?) or anything else?

Thanks in advance..

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  1. There is a big discussion on this not to far down on this board (url below). I am going back to Lucas Carton, Guy Savoy and giving Gagnaire another try at the end of Sept and will file a report. Today I would say Guy Savoy (based on recent review), Taillevent (Everyone loves it), Lucas Carton (my favorite), and Boyer just 90 minutes from Paris in Reims. Reservations are different for everyone. Some only take 30 days in advance. I would suggest that where you can use their email address for reservations (many have websites) and in the email tell them it is special trip and include your hotel information and a credit card number to reserve the table. Many are very careful about no shows.


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      I would add L'Ami Louis. Very expensive but quite unique. How about L'Ambrosie?

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        Boyer at Rheims is magnificient, especially the Truffe en croute (a whole black truffle in a pastry). The effect of this is somewhat like Bocuse's Truffle Soup V.G.E. -- when the pastry is pried into, the distinctive truffle aromas are released. (If you go to Boyer, be sure to lower your nose close to the pastry when opening it!) PS: This dish is quite expensive, but can be ordered as a 1/2 portion (with a smaller truffle).

        Speaking of Rheims, other reasons to visit are (1) the Marc Chagall stain glass murals in the cathedral, and (2) proximity to champagne houses (Veuve, Tattinger and Pommery are in Rheims itself; Moet and P.J. are close by). Rheims is within 1 1/2 hrs by (direct) train from Paris.

        But there is NO question my favorite restaurant (not just in Paris, but anywhere) is L'ARPEGE. :) Passard has said (approx): "il y a des saveurs qui sont commes des mots" (there are some flavors that speak like words). Aiguillette de homard au vin jaune (lobster with yellow wine) is a sublimely poetic dish! On his website, Passard describes this as one of his "fetish" dishes.

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          keith stephenson

          FYI - back from my PAris trip and finally in the mood to write. Thanks for all the great sugestions. We ended up eating at the following:
          Guy Savoy (UNBELIEVABLE!!! - had to walk from the restaurant back to Bastille we were so full....!!)
          L'Angle du Faubourg (very good - very modernish/chic type bistro)
          L'Epi du Pin (very good in spite of being overrun with loud Americans spewing their usual drivel about how fabulous everything is and where their next vacation will be...."maybe Brazil - it seems so....exotic")
          L'Avant Gout (with the exception of the Air France meal, the worst food of the trip)
          L'Ecluse (Tagliatelle w/ Foie Gras and Spanish ham - strong!)
          Cafe de Paris Bistro (Biarritz - OK)
          St. James Hotel (both the bistro and the 1 Star of Mssr. Amat - we liked the bistro better....ouch!)
          Sorry I'm not being more descriptive - let me know if you ate at Guy Savoy and we can compare notes....)

        2. Read this thread below, then come back if you have any specific questions.


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            hobart xaxinojo

            astrance at 4 rue beethoven in the 16th. the monthly menu is fantastic. runs about 900 francs for two with 4 glasses of good wine. not too full and not too drunk but thoroughly satisfied.

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              hobart xaxinojo

              the baby bistros of michel rostang are very very good. the bistro d'cote - there are i think two in the 17th. the fish restaurant dessirier in the 17th also is very good. excellent food nice atmosphere.

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                hobart xaxinojo

                for a side trip but a bit far is la basitde de moustiers in province. it is ownded by alain ducasse and is simply fantastic.