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A summer drink to long for in Tokyo

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I went to a farewell party for some friends this weekend at Good Honest Grub in Ebisu. I hadn't been there before, although I've heard good things about the place and have been meaning to check out their brunch.

The food was fairly standard "eat standing up with your fingers" type of stuff, given the nature of the party, so I'll decline comment on it until I can really give the food a proper try. But I had this drink that I've been longing for since, the perfect summer non-alcoholic beverage...

It was this green slushy thing that at first glance appeared to be a green tea milkshake (well, from across the room, at least). But it turned out to be a frozen lemonade with enough fresh mint thrown in the blender that the drink turned green. Perfect for a muggy summer evening.

Another friend had a ginger orange smoothie, with enough ginger in it to seriously clean out one's head (this was also really good, although not quite as refreshing as the lemonade was). Next time I have a nasty hangover, I know where to go.

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  1. Tokyo has the best food in the world. Thanks for your two messages. Places seem interesting enough for me to check out on my next visit