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Aug 20, 2001 12:26 PM

Paris - Anyone tried L'Angle du Faubourg, Les Ambassadeurs, or Carre des Feuillants

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3 day Paris trip is almost upon me - after spending a LOT of time on this board checking reviews, I had planned on eating dinner at Guy Savoy, Arpege, and Astrance. For lunch we had chosen L'Epi du Pin and L'Avant Gout. However, after doing additional non-chowhound research and factoring in the importance (to me) of a great wine list, we were thinking of swapping out of the two "A" restaurants and into Carre des Feuillants and Les Ambassadeurs. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Also, Taillevent's new bistro sounds good and we were thinking of having lunch there and cutting either L'Epi du Pin or L'Avant Gout.....?

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    antony tracey

    Les Ambassadeurs:food splendid but you must go for the better and incredibly expensive wines.Expect service with an hauteur found nowhere else- we were in a party of six.Young IRISH lad to waiter: do you know we have come all the way over from London to havelunch here?WAITER:Yes sir and..........?

    1. We went to Les Ambassadeurs for dinner.
      Spectacular dining room and great service
      along with killer location were the highlights.
      We did not get any expensive wines so can not
      comment. However, the food was on the heavier
      side with hearty, creamy and buttery sauces.
      Good but nowhere close to Guy Savoy (two nights
      earlier). However, price for food was in keeping with

      Overall, good restaurant but not extraordinary in
      any way except location.

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        hobart xaxinojo

        i would ABSOLUTELY not miss astrance. especially for the staid and traditional ambassadeurs. the epi du pin is good.

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          Thanks for the suggestions - we ended up not making any of these restaurants - we did however eat at L'Epi du Pin - it was excellent. I had a baked fig dessert that was out of this world - I have a whole new respect for figs after that trip. Best meal by far was at Guy Savoy - just unbelievable. Worst meal was L'Avant Gout - terrible food. My duck dish was tough and basically inedible - my wife's Pot a feu was just OK - I could have made it myself at home.........