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Aug 8, 2001 03:51 PM

Biarritz to Paris Trip

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I was supposed to stay in a friends apartment in Paris after a wedding in Biarritz, but that fell through (btw, i have dinner reservations at Guy Savoy and Taillevent first week of September if anyone needs them).

I am now thinking of spending the week driving up through Bordeaux and Loire Valley (5 nights).

Any suggestions for Hotels/Restaurants?



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  1. We had a great meal at Le Relais de la Poste in Magescq, south of Bordeaux. Its a two star Michelin restaurant, with some terrific rooms. You might also consider eating/staying at Michel Trama, another two star near Agen (very innovative food, beautiful Relais & Chateau, nice perched village), can't think of the town, but you should find it readily enough in the Michelin. Good luck.

    1. I think would be interested in your reservations. He had a post a while back saying he had trouble finding something that week. His post is in the URL. You may want to email him some details.