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Jul 17, 2001 04:39 PM

Paratha Nan

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Why is this bread sometimes presented with a 'whirly' effect (Malabar; Rasa Stoke Newington) and sometimes completely flat (Cafe Spice Namaste Whitechapel)?

At Rafique's in Hammersmith it was flat. It was very nice. I had it with sag aloo (OK), tarka dal(nice), pulao rice (niceish). The vegetable samosa starter was nice although not properly heated through. The waiter had correctly identified me as an ignorant bastard and asked when I ordered a roti if I meant another paratha. The roti was OK.

Is 3 Monkeys worth the train ride to Herne Hill anyone?

My next booked ahead eating is Restaurant 755 in Fulham, for dinner next Wednesday.

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    Simon Majumdar

    Paratha and Naan are two different things. Parath is made with whole weat flour Naan with white flour. Paratha are also made with a heapin helpin of ghee.

    Paratha should be served flat with a smear of ghee over them and ideally should not be broken up when eating but filled with whatever ( scrambled eggs is a good one to try ) and eaten tortilla like.

    It would take far more than 3 monkeys to get me to Herne Hill. I never thought you could spend that much south of the river without buying a house!!

    1. 755 is fantastic! The founders sold it about a year-two ago, and the new owners are doing the place proud. They had some "unusual" dishes on the menu last time I was there, including eel if memory serves me - plus lots of good basics with a twist. Wine prices are gentle too. I think you'll really enjoy your meal.