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Jul 12, 2001 11:10 PM

Cayman Recommendations

  • k

Will be visiting Cayman in August and haven't been there in about 14 years. Where shall we go?

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  1. There's a fairly new restaurant called "Ragazzi" that we LOVED when we went last October, and again in February. We also like The Wharf, no matter what anyone says about it being overrated! Get a table by the really is beautiful. Casanova was always good too, though we haven't been there recently. Have fun!!

    1. Hope this is not too late. There is a new place practically sitting on Seven Mile beach reached at the "Royal Palm" parking lot next to Island Pine Villas that is has excellent food, a good wine list and fine service. "Grill Fish" has indoor and outdoor dining. It is pricey but what isn't. Much better than Benjamin's Roof which had gone as far down hill as possible. Hope you have a grand time.