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Jul 3, 2001 12:53 AM

Wouldn't You Rather Live in Singapore? Street Cart Heaven

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Check the link below...


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  1. Yes - I grew up Singapore and miss all that hawker center food - diversity and deliciousness. There's nothing even close in this part of the world.

    I've witnessed many a dedicated food lover back home quibble about this tiny little stall in this hawker center vs. that tiny little stall in that other hawker center. I've stopped trying to go to all the great stalls in Singapore when I'm home because there are just to many of them.

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    1. re: Limster

      "I've stopped trying to go to all the great stalls in Singapore when I'm home because there are just to many of them."

      Limster, I am truly agonized by this statement. I never thought you'd be capable of disappointing me so utterly.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        It is agonizing - there are my old favorites that I make pilgrimages to when I'm back. And then I try to check out new ones. I'm often back for only two weeks at a time, never more and often less, and I can never go to *all* of them. I stopped trying because it was physically impossible, I just go to as many as I can.

        1. re: Limster
          Dave Feldman


          If there are any restaurants in the NYC that you think serve up something resembling Singapore stall food (even if not quite as good), would you mind posting about it in the appropriate section (Manhattan, Outer Boroughs, Tri-State?). Thanks.

          1. re: Dave Feldman


            I've never spent much time in the NY area except for the occasional visit. Penang seafood in Queens is the only place I know of and eaten at once. It's good, and I've found a couple of posts on it.


            1. re: Limster
              Makanmata Rob

              I write this message waiting for my connecting flight in Seoul, from Singapore back to NYC. My wife and I tacked on a 4 day eating excursion to Singapore, onto the back of a trip to Bali.

              We didn't eat in a single restaurant while we were there, but rather spent our entire time exploring the Hawker stalls in different neighborhoods which we found in and

              Don't really have time at the moment to go into details, but suffice it so say that anybody interested in food, would find the city absolutely fascinating. The place is just completely obsessed with food.

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      Anil Khullar

      While Singapore is celebrated, I would also include
      KL too. It has variety too.

      Anyway here is another link