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Jun 27, 2001 11:18 AM

Gourmet in Prague??

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I am visiting Prague next week. I have been looking online and there seem to be a lot of great restaurants. Does anyone have any recommendations for gourmet restaurants with a good atmosphere?

Also any positive or negative comments for:

Zlata Praha
Kampa Park
La Perle de Prague
Palffy Palace

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  1. I've eaten at both Kampa Park and the Palffy Palace. Neither were sensational.

    A few Prague dining hints:

    - Don't expect green veggies (I didn't see a green salad in my 10 days there)
    - Eat the ZEED-zig (fried cheese) if only because everyone else is doing it
    - Enjoy LOTS of the local beer and some Bah-kah-ROVE-kah (if there are any czechs reading, please forgive me . . .) it's a local spirit made with, among other things, pine needles.

    And enjoy one of the most beautiful cities you'll ever visit.

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      Dominique Buda

      Although I have not eaten at the specific restaurants you list, I have intimate knowledge of the city, being from that region. In general, stay away from restaurants that are in the center of town, specifically the areas of Staromestke Namesti (Old town Square), Vaclavske Namesti (Wensleslas Square). Restaurants located in this area tend to be grossly over priced as they are geared towards western tourist their fare, at best, is mediocre. Czech Cuisine is a hearty and rather heavy cuisine with lots of pork, beef and dumplings. However, of late Czech chefs have been experimenting, thus giving rise to a more innovative and imaginative "nouvelle cuisine".

      If you would like to taste traditional Czech cuisine, you might check out any of the following: U Suteru, Myslivna or perhaps U Tri zlatych hvezd or Cerny Kohout

      If you want to try something more innovative, you might want to check out the recommendations made by Prague Post, @ This newspaper has a pretty reliable guide.

      ALthough fresh fruits and veggies used to be quite scarce, they are more and more available- in the less expensive czech eateries, where you are likely to find good old traditional czech fare, the fresh fruits and veggies will be limited to Cucumber Salad (Okurkovy salat) and a tasty mixed salad of sorts called "Sopsky Salat" - however you will find such salads appropriate to the meal- however, in the more innovative or non Czech cuisines, your possibilities greatly increase.

      I am not quite sure what "ZEED-zig" is, however, Smazeny Syr, or fried cheese, is a tasty meal that guarantees immediate thickening of the arterial walls. You should definitly try such Czech specialties as "Hovezi s koprovou omacku" (Pot roast with a dill sauce and dumplings, Veprove se zeli a s knedliky", pork, cabbage and dumplings, or a variation on that with duck, or for a sweet treat (ovocni knedliky) fruit filled dumplings topped with a ricotta/farmer type cheese and whipped cream- as you can see, we are big on dumplings-
      if you are up to game, Czechs excel at hunting type dishes, using such meats as boar and deal

      oh, and we are great with cakes and pastries

      I hope this is of some help-

      1. re: Dominique Buda

        don't forget the absinthe!