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Jun 21, 2001 05:24 AM

Wanted: somewhere in central London to go for a very casual meal

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I thought I'd run my request by the chowhounds (where have Simon and Howler been by the way?)

Basically, I'm tired of going to my old haunts and need a casual after-work place in the west end where friends and I can have a drink and also eat for a reasonable price. Nowhere too loud please!


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    Simon Majumdar

    I am around, although taking a more watching brief than an active one. Found the invective being heaped on London hounds hugely wearysome.

    That being said, it would be churlish not to share one of my finds ( or rather one of Jonathan Meades')

    Le Trouvaille in Newbury St ( just off Carnaby St ) is a real treasure of a casual French bistro. The food is hearty and well done ( ingredients mainly from France or Borough market), the service is hugely friendly and efficient and there is no pressure to turn tables. They have a great ( very reasonable ) wine list

    I have found this a great place to hang out . Despite its location, it is no tourist trap and not loud flashy or full of shiny suited dullards sipping pissy lager and talking about how much they hate their bosses

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Yes Simon, it's good to hear you're still lurking (and Howler, Magnolia, Yvonne, Abbylovi et al, if you're there). You *do* have a fan base here of sorts.

      I have collected a wealth of London culinary tips from past posts and hope you'll continue to stir the board with future finds and suggestions.

      Having only recently discovered this board, I'm a semi-annual visitor to London (usually a week on business) and look forward to trying out some suggestions this September. (I shall post a few inquiries as my trip draws nearer.)

      I hope all of you London Hounds will keep those finds, tips, and wit-laden suggestions coming. We're taking notes. Many thanks.


      1. re: Cagey

        I've not been on here for quite a while, and I was puzzled and saddened to see the lack of postings by the "Chowhound Three"... While I may have questioned certain (musical) judgements, the energy and richness of debates sparked off by the three always brought a smile to my face and left me with interesting thoughts to mull over. It is strong personalities like theirs which make for a lively board, and all the... er... playa-hatin biters can just take a hike.


      2. re: Simon Majumdar

        Im really glad to see you posting again, Simon. I enjoy your style and hope you'll hang in there with us.I do think a London forum geared to local, London hounds is what we should aspire to develop-as long as travelers are the main contributors, it is bound to be relatively superficial. You folks are in a much better position to make intriguing discoveries and relative value judgments, etc.

        1. re: jen kalb
          Miguel E. Gierbolini

          Add me to the pro-Simon posse. For many months I have enjoyed his, howler and Magnolia's exchanges. Please guys continue posting. Your stuff is not only useful but is also, what, entertaining, educational, amusing. So, pay no mind to the little criticisms and blast ahead. Hard.