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Jun 10, 2001 08:55 PM

prix-fixe restaurants-Paris-left bank

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We are planning our first trip to Paris in August. I have been a regular reader of this site for several months and have "logged" many helpful ideas. I have been particularly interested in the Left Bank area. In a recent issue of The Wine Journal magazine,I found an article discussing prix-fixe Bistos in the Left Bank area. Five restaurants were featured.
L'Affriole-chef:Thierry Verola
Les Olivades-chef:Flora Mikula
Le Clos des Gourmet-chef:Arnaud Pitrois
Le P'tit Troquet-chef:M. et Mme. Vessiere
L'Epi Dupin-chef Francois Pasteau
I have seen Le Clos des Gourmet mentioned,but nothing on the others. Any recommendations?

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  1. Just returned from a month in Paris - and I recommend Les Olivades highly. We returned at the end of our trip for a second visit, and it was even better than the first. Of course, my husband had developed a serious taste for pastis by then...
    The rabbit terrine and foie gras ravioli were superb, and the atmosphere very cozy and relaxing. Enjoy your trip!!

    1. If you haven't already left yet - we're halfway through August - don't miss Les Clos de Gourmets. It was fabulous! They have a three-course prix-fixe menu at 175 francs,and the chef is outstanding.
      We have sent many people there in the past year, and they all loved it. I wish I could join you!