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Jun 6, 2001 12:31 PM

Jazz Club in Paris

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The wife and I are headed over to Paris to meet up with some friends from NY. We're looking to go to a Jazz Club either Friday or Saturday night.

We've had one suggestion - "New Morning". Anyone heard anything good, bad or indifferent about this club or any other noteworthy jazz clubs in Paris?


Regards, Joe

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  1. Joseph, My son played jazz trombone there back in 1983, so if the club is STILL around, I think that's probably a pretty good sign. pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Thanks for your help. A thorough search on google shows that it is still around and seemingly the place to be.

      Here's a link:


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      Leslie Brenner

      My husband, who's the U.S. correspondent for a French jazz magazine, suggests The Sunset and Le Duc des Lombards (both on rue des Lombards, near ChatelaƮt) and Le Petit Opportun, which he says has moved recently, and he doesn't know where it is now. I've been to the Sunset a couple of times--it's intimate and charming. They recently opened an additional jazz room in the space below it that used to be a restaurant.

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        We took your suggestion and tried out Sunset/Sunside. We actually stayed at the Sunset (basement) venue for most of the evening. They had this amazing band called the Soriba Kouyate Group playing. Influenced by Coltrane, Davis, Stevie Wonder, and Carib style. The venue is intimate enough that we hung out with the band a bit during the breaks, and didn't leave till 3:30am. I'll be writing a full review of the place shortly...

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          Leslie Brenner

          Joseph, I somehow missed your brief report on the Sunset last June. So glad you enjoyed it! I'd love to hear more...