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May 18, 2001 02:24 PM

Dining in Brussels

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We will be spending two days in Brussels and are looking for recommendations for moderately priced restaurants, open to any cuisine but would like to try the moules Is it too early in the season?

Also interested in favorite spots for belgian chocolates


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    S. B. Cochran

    Few suggestions of more reasonable choices........Enjoy!


    Reasonably priced meals in brasseries along the Ilôt Sacré, a tangle of narrow streets around the Grand Palace

    Aux Armes de Bruxelles - 13 Rue des Bouchers - 011-32-2-511-5550 - Classic Bruxellois cuisine> Shrimp croquette; ~$15 for bowl of moules au vin blanc and frites (99) - Art Deco

    Chez Jean - on the Grand Place - Traditional purveyor of moules-frites

    Domaine de Lintillac - 25 Rue de Flandre (near the Bourse) - 511-5123 - Modest restaurant owned by farmer from Périgord region of France

    La Moule Provencale - 23 rue de Boucher - (32-2) 512 7022 - Large seafood platter (including a dozen mussels, lobster, crab, salmon, shrimp and vegetables) with 2 beers and dessert for $67 (00)

    La Pain Quotidien - 11 Place du Grand Sablon - 513-5154, - Communal tables at this chain of café-bakery stores for quick B or L - Salads; chewy baguettes with ham, Brie or rillettes de porc (less than $6); great hot chocolate - Other locations

    L'Atelier de la Truffle Noire - 300 avenue Louise - (32-3) 640-5455 - "Fast-food" outlet of expensive restaurant - Many choices ranging from salami sandwich ($3.40) to truffle-and-goose liver in puff pastry ($55) - Typical prices for main course>$11-16, wine>$4.50 - M-Sat>0830-1830h, Sun>10-1700h

    Maison Antoine - A friterie stand specializing in potatoes fried in beef fat - $1.75 (00) pile served in a paper cone and topped with a dollop of mayonnaise - Choice of a dozen sauces, from tartar to hot curry to malt vinegar - No tables - Also serves sausages and hamburgers, but most customers come strictly for frites - Since 1948

    ?t Kelderke - 15 Grand-Place - (32-2) 513-7344 - Located in subterranean brick vault - Specialty of stoemp (potato and vegetable mash with sausages; other Belgian specialties served in generous portions - Two can dine in style for $45 or less

    Galler - 44 rue au Beurre (near Grand-Place) - Extreme is 70% cacao (250 grams/$7)
    Mary - 73 rue Royal - 217-4500
    Pierre Marcolini - 39 Place du Grand Sablon - 514-1206 - Can taste before buying
    Wittamer - 6 Place du Grand Sablon - 250-grams fresh cream pralines ($8.50)