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May 14, 2001 09:22 AM

Real Mexican

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Whilst waiting for a bus at on the Old Kent Road at the Elephant I noticed a sign for El Azteca, a Mexicam food shop and Catering Buisness, it is located down quite a scuzzy alley, called The Mews, which is between the old Cinema and the Railway Viaduct, past the K9 dogfood centre and an ornamental fish shop.

When you get there, you find a sparcly stocked shop consisting of directly imported bottles and jars of salsa, mole sauce and chiles, mostly Mexican but also some Texan products. I came away with several jars, for not much money and would seriously recomend Mrs Renfro's Gourmet Green Salsa. This is low down Chowhounding at its best !

I also picked up a flyer for the Burrito Mexican Grill at 19 Westbourne Grove, just round the corner from Whiteley's. " The first Genuine Mexican Fast Food in the UK ". If this is true ( and good) it could be important, any reports ?

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  1. Well, this all sounds very promising...then again, you never know. One of the things I miss most about California is the 'healthy' Baja-style Mexican eating (lovely grilled, marinated meats and fresh salsas..not to mention soft tacos and fish tacos made with Pacific fish - Mahi Mahi...mmmmmmmmmm). It never ceases to amaze me that this craze hasn't worked its way over to London. Please keep me informed about all south-of-the-border gastronomic developments!

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      "Please keep me informed about all south-of-the-border gastronomic developments!"

      absolutely, said we tugging our forelocks

    2. The original comment has been removed