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May 12, 2001 01:46 PM

Amsterdam in June: What's new?

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My daughter and I will be spending a week in Amsterdam early in June. We haven't been for a couple of years. We're planning on dim sum, fondue, herring, smoked eel and salmon, Indonesian, pancakes. Nothing outrageously expensive.

Is there anything new (that hasn't been posted on yet) we shouldn't miss?

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    Michael Lewis

    When in Amsterdam you and your daughter must try the terrific 'Space' beer and 'Space' cakes. They're available in most coffee-shops and I know you'll both love them.

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      If you are not a marijuana user, consume 'space' products in very small quantities. I smoke up pretty regularly, and was not terribly affected by Amsterdam weed, but the foodstuffs absolutely obliterated me. That said, they are pretty good - the best space cake is served by the Pink Floyd, which also has the best pot (Mother's finest).

      1. re: Michael Lewis

        I must admit that I am an occasional recreational drug user, but, would anyone really consume space cakes or space beer for its gastronomic (not psychotropic) properties? Space cakes might increase your enjoyment of future meals but, seriously, the original post was asking for restaurants not drug hook-ups. (I will not get into the fact that Ironmom doesn't mention her daughter's age.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a chowhound site. Now chowhounding and drug use are not mutually exclusive but, this is a chowhound site. People, (myself included,) might be intrested in hearing about really good restaurants in Amsterdam where the mushrooms are not of the psylocibin variety and the herbs are just for flavour. And hey, if in the future the site becomes, I'll still visit. (It just might not be family appropriate.)

      2. My wife and I were recently here (Cafe Beaume), and I posted this story on It's not terribly expensive but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Please read:

        Spuistraat 291-293, Amsterdam
        tel. 020-4220423

        Don't be put off by the Perrier awning on the outside of this cafe. Inside you are treated to high ceilings, rustic, wrought iron candlelit ambience that exudes charm and romance.

        First, don't mistake a relaxed attitude for poor service. My wife and I entered the cafe for dinner without a reservation and took a seat at the bar while the hostess secured us a table. We actually sat for about 30 minutes, the perfect amount of time to enjoy and finish up our drinks.

        We sat in the upstairs area which overlooks the ground floor tables. You can also get a good look into the kitchen to watch the preparations of your meal. Servers were extremely personable and were fluent in English (among other languages).

        The restaurant actually has an extensive menu of eclectic Asian-French fusion cuisine. We had the tuna/salmon sashimi platter accompanied by a glass of warm sake (as it's served) and a salad with sweetbreads and warm goat cheese. For mains, our choice was the salmon (creamed) stuffed cannalloni with crayfish (in shell), and the rack of lamb. All dishes were fantastic, however the lamb was slightly tough (like game) although it was served medium rare. (Prices for starters NLG ~20, mains NLG ~40)

        We drank wine by the glass and had a wonderful Pinot Grigio from the Veneto in Italy, and later a Gamay from France. (Prices NLG ~7 to 10 per glass, NLG 30-80 per bottle)

        We arrived at 9:00 PM and didn't depart until around 11:30 PM. As I said, it is a very relaxed, however by the end of the evening we were equally jittery as we were ready to get our check and continue on with our Saturday night.

        We would recommend Beaume, and we would return to dine there on future trips to A'dam.