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May 12, 2001 01:15 PM

green valley - lebanese store in upper berkley street, london

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while most middle-eastern joints on and around edgware road suffer from much too much hokiness and too little serious cooking, the green valley grocery store is one of the best places to score some truly phenomenal lebanese cooking.

in addition to all the usual suspects a lebanese counter typically offers, there's freshly made pita bread - if the ovens not being used to make pita then its busy making a pizza-ish sorta thing. i'm always so far behind in the line for this dish i suspect that it must be something pretty phenomenal. oh, and theres the most unbelievable sweet counter, fresh vegetables, cheese, meats, olive oil .... it is all so very, very good. the daily soup special is at the same high level as everything else (get it with toasted pita croutons).

what a find!

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