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Shan Food in Burma (Myanmar)

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I returned from Burma (Myanmar) recently and found the food overall just okay and characteristically very mild (BTW, this is in contrast to the people who are the kindest, friendliest, and warmest people I have ever met). An exception was the Shan food. The Shan state is in the eastern part of Burma. This was my favorite food in Burma. Especially good is a Shan chicken soup made in a clear broth with lots of chilis!

An excellent 'chain' (if you can say Burma has chains) of three restaurants that serves Shan food outside of the Shan state is called 'Lashio Lay' or just Lashiolay. Two are in Mandalay, one is in Rangoon/Yangon. They usually speak no English but have the food out so you can point!

-No. 65, 23rd Street, Between 83rd & 84th Streets, Mandalay.

-No. 10, corner of 23rd St. & 84th St., Mandalay.

-No. 71, 51st Street, Middle Block, Pazundaung Tsp: Yangon (Rangoon).

Other tips:
-I found the tea salads delicious overall
-If you stay at the Beauty Land Hotel II in Yangon ask for the Coconut noodle soup for breakfast.
-If you stay at the Winner Hotel in Kalaw ask the woman owner to make you Shan soup (see above) or Mojinga for breakfast (also, Jimmy is a great trekking guide!).
-If you stay at the Mya Kya Lar Guest House in Bagan ask for the Mojinga for breakfast
-The ATA Motel & Restaurant is good for Indian food (they have halal food) in Bagan.
-always ask if a Burmese breakfast is available over the plain bread and toast they always give you.

Happy and delicious travels!

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  1. Just an update if anyone looks back this far.
    Always ask for Mojinga for breakfast!!!!!
    And Jimmy is still at the Winner Hotel in Kalaw! He was our guide too. The more you ask the more you'll learn as he only opens up if questioned.