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May 6, 2001 03:50 PM

3 Days in Paris; 3 Days in Barcelona-Where to Eat?

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Greetings everyone,

I'll be spending 3 nights (6 meals-breakfast is taken care of) in Paris and then 3 nights in Barcelona (again 6 meals). If you only had 3 nights in each of these places, what would be your dream list of places to eat?
For Paris I'm looking for restaurants (bistro, brasserie, restaurants, etc.) somewhere around 225ff max for lunch for 1 and 450ff max for dinner. For Barcelona, I'm looking for lunch for 1 around 5500 pesetas and around 11000 for dinner.

I have another 2 weeks in Europe but I have resources for both of those weeks.

Thanks and best regards,

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  1. Too many things to mention about Paris. Do a search on Paris restaurants, or scroll further down, and you're bound to find something. My recommendation is to get to Berthillon, the ice cream place on Ile St. Louis. It's mindblowingly delicious.

    For Barcelona, I think you'll find threads on Cal Pep and Tomaquera, both which serves delicious Catalan fare. You must order the caracoles (snails) at Tomaquera. Search and ye shall find.

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      My wife and I ate at Cal Pep 2 years ago and it was the best food I have eaten EVER. (Seriously.) Worth the entire trip.

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      Anil Khullar

      Last time (last year)in BCN (Barcelona), I snacked
      on tapas in the near vicinity of my hotel. In the
      few days that I was these I must have visited at least
      8-9 tapas places. Much better than sitting down in a
      formal restaurant. If you want to experience a value
      restaurant, head over to the Univ. area.

      1. For Barcelona, Tragaluz (sp?) and Siete Portes (the best Paella I've ever had - and I love Paella - and even though I was on my own for the meal they gave me enough for FOUR people!!)

        In Paris: La Regalade 49 avenue Jean-Moulin, in the middle of nowhere. UNBELIEVABLE meal - stuffed with great wine, ambitious (and successful) food and 40-year old Calvados for - um - about $80. They serve until mid-night but reserve.

        For lunch I really liked Helene Darroze's downstairs 'salon', around the corner from Hotel Lutetia on rue d'Assas. They serve what is basically tapas, (i.e. mini-plates) but really creative. It's like eating in someone's newly decorated living room and very good value at lunch - you won't be stuffed but you won't be hungry. And you're just chowing distance from Bon Marche's excellent food halls.

        L'Ecluse wine bars are excellent value too for a pick-me-up - there's one near the Madeleine and one on Quai des Augustins, which has a lovely view.

        More anon...

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          hobart xaxinojo

          i agree with the helen darroze suggestion but we ate upstairs and it was very good. lunch

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            Welcome Hobart! I think you're a candidate for the Chowhound Hall of Fame already on your first day.

        2. I was just in Paris a couple of weeks ago. I did a lot of research into restaurants and was underwhelmed by all but one: L'Avant Gout. And it's well within your budget.

          1. Try Brasserie Flottes, 2, rue Cambon(Metro:Concorde) for the two best sandwiches in Paris,their Royale and Provencal. And the confit of duck with Aligot( mashed potato with cheese and garlic). Also, try L'Ardoise, 28, rue du Mont Thabor, near Flottes. All meals 180fr for three courses. A Michelin "Bib Gourmand" for great food at a low price.
            Virtually next door is Le Souffle, with reasonable prix fixe meals. Save the three course souffle offering for your last day!