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Apr 28, 2001 10:29 PM

Restaurant for 15 in Central London?

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Fourteen fellow students who are annoyingly indifferent to what passes their lips are seeking a restaurant near Leicester Square/Covent Garden that can comfortably accomodate 15 people, has a relaxed, quiet atmosphere, perhaps with a bar, and is relatively cheap. If I do not step in and wrest the reins away, we will likely end up in some Belgoriffic disaster. Does anyone have suggestions?


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  1. sometimes you just have to forget the food thing and submit to, perhaps even enjoy, the group grope. its not easy, but you must ignore the overcooked pasta, the rubbery chicken, the stale bread, the dried cheese, the oaky wine, the awfully kept ale, the slow, indifferent service ... and have a good time. just a thought. and given that you want to be near leicester square, maybe the only alternative.

    some other time, though, you might want to consider crossing a bridge and drinking ales in one of the pubs on the south side right on the river. phenomenal views, good ale, spring ..... whats dough got to do wid it?

    1. Try 10 kitchen on long acre. Pretty good rotisserie chicken, not too expensive. Smart without being overly so. It will pronbaby come in at about £30 a head, given student consumption of wine.

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        I've been here as well, and while it will accommodate 15 people very comfortably, it's nothing to rave about.

        Our expectations were set by the 10 kitchen website which is really done up well, and the press releases we had been reading.

        But frankly the entire 10 Covent Garden is quite a let down.



      2. I would suggest Sugar Reef to you. There's plenty of room in the 2 dining areas. And there's a bar/club downstairs for after dinner amusement.

        I found the food to be quite good actually. But afterall, it's about the 15 having a good time out, and I think Sugar Reef could afford you that.

        Regards, Joseph