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Apr 24, 2001 02:07 PM

HELP! - Caracas or other Venezuela Restaurants

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I have a friend who is in Venezuela for the naxt few months and is looking for some great places to eat. Any tips on some good spots in Caracas - or anywhere else in Venezuela?


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    Matthew Amster-Burton

    This is the longest of all longshots, but I was in Caracas about ten years ago and ate breakfast every day at a restaurant called Doña Arepota. I would have what was called something like the "Huevos al Caballero," eggs with spiced meat and probably some potatoes. I have no recollection of where it was located. I've never been back to Venezuela. My loss. But the food in general was great. Be sure to eat plenty of arepas.


    1. I was in Venezuela a couple years ago. I remember having some very good gelato in the Mercedes (I think) district. Also went out to El Hatillo, a gorgeous little village outside of the city. There's a popular restaurant there called Das Pastelhaus...pretty good pizzas and desserts from what I can recall. Mostly, though, since we were staying with friends, we benefitted from some great home cooking.

      If your friend has a chance to make a weekend getaway from the sweltering, chaotic city, I'd suggest a trip out to Los Roques. It's a small group of islands about 100 miles off the coast, north of Caracas. Only one island is occupied by civilians (another one houses a miltary base and another, a biolgical research center). The remaining islands are deserted. You stay at a Posada (B&B) on Gran Roque and in the morning, after breakfast, they take you out to one of the deserted islands, give you a cooler with a packed lunch and pick you up later in the day. Then it's dinner at the posada. A great chance to relax and recoup. We stayed at Piano y Papaya. (One last tip: After getting somewhat scorched by the caribbean sun, our host told us that in all his years running the posada, he's noticed that only coppertone really protects those of us from the north!)

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        yvonne johnson

        any 'hounds been to margarita (off coast of venezuela, half hour by air form Caracas) recently? it is to the east of the islands the previous poster describes. i spent around four summers there a long time ago--more than 25 years ago when i was a kid --but i have fond memories of the place. terrific beaches (must take into account all i had to compare them with were beaches on the north sea!), lagoons, pink ibises, good food (my first oyster), and lovely fish in general (tho i might've been biased, as my dad was helping develop the fishing industry). i heard Porlamar the largest town was turned into a free port and that the immediate area around the town had gone down hill. i just wondered about the rest of the island. who knows, maybe i'll go back just to see.

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          I was there last year, twice. I like the beaches northwest of Porlamar. There are these little huts along them that serve huge, delicious, fresh lobster, any way you want it. And on the drive on the way there, we always pull over for hallacas stands.

          Food scene in Porlamar is pretty poor, I'm sad to report. The worst experience was at the Hilton, which is crawling with cats!! Totally disgusting.