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Apr 19, 2001 06:21 AM

El Rincon is closed

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In case any of you were thinking about trying that new Spanish place that got all the great reviews, El Rincon, you are too late. The place has closed after just 6 months. The caterer website has all the details if you are interested. Don't know where the chef has ended up.


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    Simon Majumdar

    I would be interested to see what other London Chowhounds think of this group

    I have been to Il Forno, Al Duca and El Rincon. I have found each to be disappointing and overpriced for what was on offer.

    I am always wary of group ownership of supposedly decent places as it imposes issues such as table turning, table size, portion control, and service standards all of which may be important to the bean counters but are more suited to Harvesters than a supposedly unique dining experience.

    Look at the difference between the experience of eating at the original Chez Gerrard and the horrors of eating in one of their (12?) restaurants now, where I was told recently that I could not move my table two inches to the side as they had a proscribed distance they had to adhere to for maximum efficiency.