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Apr 6, 2001 11:09 AM

Tokyo Chowhound Dinner? (Long)

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Konbonwa Tokyo Chowhounds,

After reading about the successes of other Chowhound get-togethers, I'm just wondering if us Chowhounds here in Tokyo would like to arrange such a thing? Is anybody interested? Personally, sometime after April 25th is best for me.

Being straight with you, I'll admit that I can't read a non-English menu, (unless there are pictures at which to point) for the life of me. But, if anybody has a favorite restaurant, where at least one of us can order from the menu, then I'm game. I can order the things I like from a yakitori. So, if you feel like going to a great place, I can take care of us at Meguro Ku's Torishige, (IMO, best yakitori in the 'hood).

There is a person in my department who absolutely lives for making arrangements like this, and either she, or my assistant, will be glad to handle all of the reservations, once a restaurant is decided upon.

So, if interested, lets get a bit of restaurant brainstorming going on here. Please just include the name of the restaurant, general location, and type of food. All of us Tokyo Chowhounds will chime in. If it gets too cumbersome for the boards, we can always take it to email.

I'll start it off with a few very nice restaurants:

I went to this place in Harajuku, with a group of friends:
Toriyosyhi - The tebasaki that we had was great! But, I was with a group of vegetarians, and this dish was a throw-in for me. I've heard that I didn't get a proper feel for the extent of their menu. I'm dying to go back.

Barbacoa - great churrasco place. Wonderful cheese bread balls, which go very nicely with the house red wine. All of the meats brought around to the table are wonderful. And, if the cut you like isn't cooked enough to your liking, (read: not well done), they will return a portion to the kitchen, and bring it out very promptly once it is cooked to your specifications. Fantastic salad bar. Good drinks.

I've also heard really good things about "Roti", Ian's new place in Roppongi, (yes, Roppongi). But, Ian did bring us what we knew, and loved, as American Farm Grill, and was a big part of the success of T.Y. Harbor.

Shoot, there is another...T.Y. Harbor. Great food, ever better beer.

German Farm Grill, in Shibuya - there's another place that I've been dying to get back to.

Please, don't get me wrong; If there are vegetarians in the crowd, I'm sure that we will find a place to accomodate everybody!

Maybe Andy R.'s recommendation of Kitchen 5?

Or, possibly, a familair, but very gratifying, gathering at Ninnikuya?

Let's throw into the mix everybody's favorite restaurants, or places that we want to try, and let's do this!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,


P.S. Let's not forget that the upstairs dining area of Tonki has tatami rooms!!! :)

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  1. Would love to do it! Looks like we may have to do a fair amount of schedule negotiation, however. I'm basically out of commission for the month of May, except for weekends (workwise, it's the worst month for me).

    I read Japanese, so that part is not a problem. But I'm not a tonkatsu eater...

    I tend to go to the same places all the time, so I would be happy to go somewhere new. But just for reference, here are a few personal favorites:

    Daizen in Gotanda--a trendy izakaya. Nice atmosphere, good food and booze.

    Waniya in Gotanda--a not-trendy izakaya. The master is very knowledgeable about sake, and they have a lot of relatively rare types. The food is fairly standard izakaya stuff, but is as good as the booze.

    Sasagin in Uehara--a somewhat upscale izakaya (do you get the impression I like sake?). Again, very large sake list, and food that is slightly more gourmet than your average place.

    For yakitori, I like Takumi in Ginza. Despite the location, it is not particularly expensive, and the food is very good. The master likes gaijins, too. Only yakitori place I have ever heard Beastie Boys playing as background music.

    Brunch options: Le Bretagne for buckwheat crepes in either Omotesando or Kagurazaka, and the grand old fallback of West Park Cafe in Yoyogi Uehara (Akasaka branch is no good). Love those Caesar salads... Haven't been to TY Harbor in years, but would love to check out their brunch.

    My home away from home: Bourbon Street, a Cajun place, in Roppongi. I will add the disclaimer that the owner is a good friend of mine. But the food and atmosphere are excellent.

    Let me know what you think--


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    1. re: Rachel M.


      I'm interested in Chowhoun dinner. If the timing
      is good, I'd love to participate in with my wife.

      My suggestion is a short trip to Fukagawa area by
      Ooedo Line. At Morishita, we can enjoy horse meat
      nabe in classic Japanese atomosphere, really good
      soba noodles, and traditional but new izakaya.
      What do you say?

      By the way,may I ask whether you allow Japanese
      participants or not?




      1. re: BON

        Hi BON,

        Thanks for the great suggestions. I figure we'll wait a couple of more weeks, see if we get more responses, and then start planning this dinner. (Probably sometime after May, when Rachel's schedule is a little less hectic!)

        Between Rachel, you, and whoever else chimes in, I think we will have a fine list of places to choose from.

        >By the way,may I ask whether you allow Japanese
        >participants or not?

        Absolutely!! As far as I'm concerned, everybody and anybody is welcome! And, bring spouses, boyfriends, girfriends, significant others, etc. The more, the merrier!


        1. re: Andy P.

          Dear Andy!

          >(Probably sometime after May, when Rachel's schedule >is a little less hectic!)
          No problem. Let's discuss till we reach the best place
          for the first chowhounds' dinner in Tokyo.

          >>By the way,may I ask whether you allow Japanese
          >>participants or not?
          >Absolutely!! As far as I'm concerned, everybody and >anybody is welcome! And, bring spouses, boyfriends, >girfriends, significant others, etc. The more, the >merrier!
          I'm happy to hear this. As you might know, I am a big fan
          of Ramen and know Ramen King (Do you know TV champion?)
          in person. I might bring him, too.

          Keep in touch!


          1. re: BON

            I'm really envious. Wish I could beam myself over there...

            1. re: magnolia


              You are always welcome. It is the best season in Japan.
              Why don't you beam yourself?


    2. Is this still in the works, or did I miss it? I'd love to take part.

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      1. re: Michael

        Hi Michael,

        You haven't missed a thing. Will probably start planning it in June.


        1. re: Andy P.

          Please feel free to put me on any direct e-mail list that you might use to organize this. Thanks.

          1. re: Andy P.

            Hi Andy and all! While I'm not free this month, should we start planning now, with an eye to early June?

            Feel free to e-mail me directly, as well.


            1. re: Rachel M.

              Hi everybody,

              I just found out that my evenings in June are pretty much already planned for me through June 15th. (Executives from the home office in Sacramento will start the invasion on June 2nd, leaving on June 14th.)

              If sometime after that is cool, then great. If y'all are only available before that date, then I'll catch the next one.

              Right now, it is looking like Rachel, BON, Michael, and moi, (plus guests). If there are any interested lurkers out there, chime up on this board, or send an email to: We've got some great suggestions for places to do this. Are there any more?