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Mar 26, 2001 08:41 PM

London in March w/family

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Thanks to all who posted with suggestion from my earlier post. Eating in London w/kids was not as hard as anticipated. If you take your kids, eat lunch late and dinner early and no one seems to mind. The post below is focused on eating for the kids. Although most places we ate were not fine dining, for the most part the resturants were ok. The key to eating w/kids in London is pasta, pizza, bread & butter and cheese.

We ate at the following:

Richloux on Picadilly:
Bacon & Eggs for a late lunch
Ask Pizza on Park St.
Pizza not exactly American style but everyone ate it
Greenhouse on Hays Mews
Went early, they fixed a plain pasta w/red sauce and lots of cheese. Kids loved it.
Trattoria Giovani on James St off Oxford
Pizza and pasta
Lots of other small places on James St. looked like you could take kids there also.
Cafe Rouge across from Harrods
Omlette and sandwich
Richloux on Audley St.
Eggs and Bacon again
Scalini's on Walton St
Went early. Kids loved the starters of ravioli. Plain pasta w/red sauce and more cheese for dinner.

The only bad meal was at a pizza place in Shepards Market. Very small across from the pub. Sorry I did not get the name. Bad pizza. No wine for dad.

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