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Mar 26, 2001 03:10 AM

Bagels in Tokyo?

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Thought I'd see if any of the Tokyo chowhounds had any recommendations for bagels that I hadn't tried yet. I have been a big fan of Little Tribeca, but it seems like when I go lately the selection is heavily weighted towards evil things like blueberry bagels. (I'm a big fan of salt, actually, but since those seem to be disappearing even back in the States, I usually go for everything).

The place in Nogizaka is a little fluffy for my liking, and Fox's don't quite do it, either. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I'm a big fan of Macou's Bagel Cafe. While they, too, get into the cutesy bagels (blueberry, pumpkin, garlic and salami), their plain and super-onion bagels are really to my liking. I've heard that there are a few branches, but the one I go to is on Yamate-dori (heading towards Osaki station), about 1/2 km. east of Meguro-dori. Looking on my map, I figure it is right at the border of Meguro-ku, and Shinagawa-ku.

    All of their bagels run about Y120, and individual servings of cream cheese are Y100.


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      Thanks--I'll give it a try. There's a big branch near the Peacock in Jiyugaoka, which isn't too far from me.