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Mar 19, 2001 09:47 PM

haute vegetarian in Paris

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has anybody tried the new vegetable-focused food at L'Arpege? comments? other suggestions for not-so strict vegetarians (no meat though)? places that are more about taste and creativity rather than microbiotic, health food approach. loved La Truffe in le Marais but it closed a couple years ago. am tired of roasted vagetable plate and greens with goat cheese.

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  1. Just went to Arpege last Monday and can't say I even noticed their veg focus. I'm planning to write up where I went, what I ate over this weekend...but briefly, I had their big prix-fixe lunch tasting menu which included two shellfish dishes, as well as a few dishes that included egg...and I know I saw other fish and poultry on their regular menu. Now that you mention it I can't recall whether I saw red meat on the menu, so I'll query my dining companion whose mind is less of a sieve than mine! I'd say the emphasis was on 'lighter' nouvelle-ish fare, particularly at lunch, than on healthy or vegetarian. Certainly not strict vegetarian in any sense, anyway...

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      magnolia, you rock! loved your detailed account of food anventures in paris (hitting many spots i have on my list), especially l'arpege. hate that my trip is so short (sat-mon) and l'arpege will be closed but at least we can count on hot chocolate at angelina. so many restaurants, so little time...
      by the way, where can i get more info on the advertising marathon? i've been wanting to do it for years, ever since i saw a short tape of what's shown there (the growing champagne bottle caressed by a woman's hand until the climax is still a favorite image)

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        Thanks for the kind words. Arpege is open on Monday but I'm assuming you're leaving too early. Too bad they don't serve breakfast.

        Definitely try to make it to La Cave a l'Os a Moelle. Not many places of this caliber open on Sundays. And definitely book. If you're a small group, they may put you at a communal table (as there were only three tables, though I suppose these are convertible into four or two) all tables are somewhat communal anyway.

        Re: the all-night ad fest, I'd been meaning to go for years too and never got my act together. Not sure where you're located but they have screenings in other countries too (just not the US or UK) The web-site is not that enlightening and it's a bit difficult to navigate. If you need assistance, I'm happy to help but perhaps by e-mail or on the not about food board.


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          magnolia, thanks for the link (you were right about the site not being very informative) and yes I'd like some more info by email.
          Got lunch reservations at Arpege on Mon. but considering your experience there, will two hours be enough for a small tasting or a la carte? Also, have you heard anything about rest. Georges at Centre Pompidou or the little restaurant at Musee du Vin?

          By the way, is Locatelli still at Zafferano? heard sth about a new place...

          1. re: Magdalena

            I'll send you some info about the film fest by email.

            RE: Arpege - Two hours should be enough - there are plenty of people who go for a business lunch (though 'business' and 'lunch' in France are sometimes a contradiction in terms! and they certainly take longer than a typical US business lunch). If you order the smaller tasting menu (I believe there were five items on it) or a la carte...and eat a bit faster than we did...and certainly if you tell them that you have a plane to catch, I'm sure they will accommodate you.

            Have fun!