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Mar 13, 2001 03:08 PM

Where to eat/stay/etc. in Amsterdam

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I haven't read this board much so hope I'm not being redundant--please direct me to the archives if this topic has been discussed in recent memory!

Heading to Amsterdam in May and I'd welcome suggestions on good (inexpensive) eats -- I know Indonesian food's good there but it's not high on my list as I'm allergic to peanuts -- anything else worth chowing on?

Hotel recommendations would also be appreciated! Of course, someplace off the beaten path (yet not too far from museums, etc) would be great. We'd be willing to pay slightly more for aesthetic value (emphasis on "slightly."

Finally, if one wanted to light up at one of Amersterdam's famous "coffee houses," are there any that aren't filled with loud, oboxious American college students & other dreadlocked white male types?


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