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Mar 13, 2001 08:06 AM

London (Hyde Park area) pubs and Caribbean food

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I will be in London mid-summer and am already planning where to dine during my three days there.

Any help would be appreciated. I am especially interested in Caribbean cuisine and British pubs in the Hyde Park area. We are staying at the Inter-Continental on Hyde Park.

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  1. Ask Simon Mujambar on this Message Board. His recommendations are 'right-on' and he is 'in the know'. Im unsure about the Hyde Park area for Carib cuisine but wherever in London Simon takes you for what you want, GO !

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      Simon Majumdar

      Hyde park and Caribbean food don't mix. i am not sure the residents assoc in that area would allow such racial diversity.

      Two places to head for sensational food would be

      1) Brixton - London's Harlem - perfectly safe during the day and a short tube ride away from you on the Victoria line. Try some of the stalls in the market serving goat curry, Akee (sp?) and saltfish and Guiness Punch. There are two restaurants on Electric Avenue which are superb. One is called Ma's the other I can never remember as I usually bundle up there after a few sherbets.

      2) Seven Sisters - again not the nicest part of town but there is a superb little shack serving rasta snacks called ( wait for it ) ITAL & VITAL. They do great food and also have wonderful characters wandering in and out with large Camberwell carrots ( you will know what I mean if you have ever watched Withnail & I :)

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        arent there any recommendations for sit-down caribbean restaurants in London / North london.

        Many thanks