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Mar 9, 2001 07:32 PM

for karim (ismaili tip, shameless begging)

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hey, karim! what can i possibly offer you in exchange for bugging any relative/friend/aquaintance for a hint where in this vast metropolis of london the real thing lurks?

crime not objected to.

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  1. I'm afraid that I haven't had any success in locating any restaurants that serve Ismaili cuisine in either New York or London (I'm referring here to my definition of Ismaili cuisine which is a fusion of Indian and East African influences. I should also point out that Ismailis are found in many regions of the world and that my definition is, therefore, quite personal).

    I have, however, managed to track down a couple of cookbooks that my family believes to be good representations of our cuisine. The books are "A Spicy Touch" Volumes I and II by Noorbanu Nimji (both are available on I hope this information is of some use. If I do find any restaurants, I'll let you know.

    1. The original comment has been removed