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Mar 6, 2001 07:50 AM

Paris 3 star reservations.

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I will be in Paris the last week of March. All the 3 start restaurants cannot take us for dinner, only lunch. We are on a wait list, but I'm assuming that there is a way to get a reservation, any one have a suggestion? My wife says to use the name Bill Clinton, but I'm not that desperate, yet

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  1. Rick,

    Call the hotel where you will be staying and ask for help from the concierge. I found that the concierges at the hotels I've stayed at in Paris are not only willing to help, but well connected too. The concierge at the Hotel St. Beavue was able to make us 8 PM reservations at Pierre Gagnaire while our travel agent had no luck and about 6 more months lead time.

    If not, try a two star. I can highly recommend Carre de Feuillants.

    Good luck,


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      i try to make to paris for eating trips twice a year, and have to agree with each of the prior posts; if you really want (or must have) dinner, use your concierge (if its even a semi-swank place, they may even have some pull, that a small gratuity (even 100FF) often helps them try to exercise for you); lunch is often more enjoyable (fewer american's and others who are not there for the food and not merely to notch their "hot spot" belt and usually (unlike in the US) of equal quality and variety as dinner (stear clear of the "bargain" prix fixe lunches though if you want the true, 3 star experience -- the bargain lunches are very good, don't get me wrong, and usually truly a bargain, but they are usually mere shadows of what the kitchen can do).

      and we love Carre de Feuillantes (although, i do think it exactly merits its 2 stars).

      separately, anybody been to Ledoyen since LeSquer (spelling?) has assumed command?

    2. I have no suggestions for getting a dinner reservation, but might I suggest just accepting the lunch reservations? I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at a 3-star restaurant in Paris. I guess it depends on your mood, but the most memorable meal of my life was a relaxed 3 1/2 hour lunch at Lucas-Carton followed by a lovely stroll on the Champs-Elysees as dusk was setting in! Again, it really depends on your schedule or what you're looking for. Good luck and enjoy!

      1. An old, but tried & true tactic: if you think you aren't at your best when speaking French, get a French person to call on your behalf. A friend. Your hotel concierge. If they have one table left at dinner, they will sooner leave it empty on the chance that a French-speaker will call than try to deal in English. There are a lot of complex socio/psychological reasons for this (and some absurd but simple ones too, like it's just easier for them to take down names/contact phone numbers in French) but French will win over any other language. That's just the way it is and there's no point in trying to change it. Just work with it.