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Mar 5, 2001 03:15 PM

Moroccan Madness

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A small group of us will be driving around Morocco in two weeks. Does anyone have any good restaurant ideas for Fez or Casablanca and/or any special things to do off the beaten track these and other spots in Morocco. Many thanks. Bill

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  1. Try this link, which contains current information. Have a great time!pat

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      Anthony Bourdain

      I just got back from Morocco. I HIGHLY recommend that you avoid restaurants--ALL restaurants--and concentrate on getting yourself invited (by any means necessary) into a private home for dinner. Moroccans do not eat Moroccan food in restaurants, and you'll be missing the whole heart and soul of Moroccan food if you don't have the experience of a home-cooked meal. In Fez, get a guide to take you to the souk in the Old City..and I highly recommend a long drive to Risani where you can hire a LandRover and driver to take you out to the dunes at Merzouga. If you arrange it in advance, the Blue Men (Berbers) will take you out on camelback into the desert and make filled bread under the coals--right in the sand. Also not-to-be missed is pastilla, harira, tagine (in fez) and cous-cous. Cous-cous should be made in a home from scratch. Mishwa (whole lamb roasted in a pit or in a clay oven is great too--but you might have to kill-your-own like I did to get it, depending on the market situation. I highly recommend paying close attention to local dining customs--meaning when and in what way to use your hands, when to say Bismallah, how to pinch food appropriately (bare-handed) and subjects to avoid. Morocco is a devoutly Islamic country. I highly recommend a trip to a hammam and a bakery as well. Have fun! And stay in the old city of Fez if you can--a bed and breakfast would be optimum.