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Feb 26, 2001 05:12 AM

Delhi chowhound suggestions?

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I will be in Delhi for about a week in April. Any particularly good restaurants to suggest? I am most interested in regional Indian cuisines not available in NY, and I would much rather follow the suggestions of other chowhounds than the guidebooks.

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    Leslie Brenner

    I had one of the best meals of my life in the formal restaurant in the Hyatt Delhi. It was a multi-course banquet, prepared largely with ingredients used in Ayurvedic medicine. The aromas and spicing were completely extraordinary, not "hot-spicy." The chef, in fact, told me that he didn't like to use any chili peppers, preferring to stick with ingredients that were used in Indian cooking before the chili was brought from the Americas. The most amazing biryani imaginable. This was six or seven years ago, so I don't know whether that chef is still there or whether the restaurant retains its excellence, but I think it's worth looking into...

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      The Mauyra Sheraton in New Dehli has two excellent restaurants.Yes they're fancy,and cater to tourists,but the food is some of the best Indian food that I have eaten anywhere.One is Bukhara,which specializes in Tandoor cooked food-great pomfret,mutton...The other restaurant ,whose exact name I don"t recall,specializes in Awadh cooking from Lucknow.Go!

    2. ask your hosts, or the maitre'd if staying at a hotel, to arrange a trip to the best dhaba (hard 'd', long 'a') in delhi - it'll be on the outskirts of the city. dhaba's are the trucker stops, and they are something that the usual tourist NEVER gets to eat at. get kaali daal, chicken makhni and tandoori roti; you'll be eating supreme renditions of these ubiquitous punjabi dishes. and don't worry - since the foods all cooked right there in front of you, its perfectly safe to eat. but don't drink the water!

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        Scott Weinstein

        This sounds like a great thin to try. However in the past I've had real difficulty in asking for information that others think everybody knows.

        I once spent 1.5 hours looking for a vietnamese place in pondicherry "Just ask anybody - they're on the boulavard"

        I've got a bike, so if you know what road these Dhabas are on, I can probably find it.

        thanks for the help.

        1. re: Scott Weinstein

          i can't remember the road - but i'll ask a friend for you.