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Feb 24, 2001 09:37 AM

Amsterdam in fall

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Two years ago, in fall, stayed at wonderful Ambassade Hotel at a time breakfasts were included in price.Enjoyed peoples' friendliness, walking, bookstores, print shops. Did not travel outside Amsterdam. Took a (don't remember which) boatride around canals. Vermeers in Rijkmuseum knocked me out. Liked Albatros, Tempoe Deloe, Luxemberg, gins on Herrengracht.Brought home "old" goudas.
Grateful for all suggestions: restaurants, cafes, daytrips, shops,sights, people
Thank you.
Marty Merowitz

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    Ernest Kemeny

    Just got back from Amsterdam. I can recommend Brasserie Bark, a very good seafood rest. next to the Concertgebouw and one of the few places open after 11 PM.(Closes at Midnight). Exc. smoked salmon. Also, Die Vlieff Vlingen for traditional dutch-style peppersteak. For fast food, Broedje van Koetje has very good herring and burgers and a million other toppings on small fluffy buns (on the Leidseplein and open 'til 1 AM). Also, for great Indonesian the rijstaffel at Bali used to be the best (haven't been there in years but it's still open). I've been to Bojo twice now (also off the Leidseplein). Cheap Indonesian, not the best, but open until 2 AM during the week, 3-4 AM on the weekends).

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      Where is the Brasserie Bark--street
      And the Die Vlieff Vlingen? And the Bali? If you have street addresses, I'd much appreciate.

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        If you paste this:

        into your browser's location bar and hit return, (or click below) you will see the Dutch telephone guide. In section 1, select "Restaurants", in section 2 type in Amsterdam. Then click "Zoeken" in section 3. This will give you an alphabetical list of all the restaurants in Amsterdam with included address and telephone number.


      2. re: Ernest Kemeny

        Spent a wet 3 days there in November.
        First point - be aware that Thurs/Fri/Sat usually require a reservation. Amsterdam still has this charming tradition that a table is yours for the evening, so the popular places must be reserved early.
        My research indicated Christophe's was the top place, but couldn't get in. We discovered that the Chef at la Rive (2 star michelin) had recently left to open his own restaurant, but couldn't find out where it was.
        By far the best we found was Zuid Zeeland, which wasn't on any of our lists. (It is in the 2000 Michelin now). We had a tasting menu of 6 courses for about $50US per person. Service was a bit erratic the night we were there, but one of the Dutch royal family was there the same night, so perhaps we weren't quite as important. It fronts onto a canal, but is long and thin, so only two tables are at the canal end. Ask for one of these when you reserve - it's romantic watching the boats go by all lit up.
        Tried D'Vijff Vliieghen. It's not bad - updated (rather than modern) Dutch food, and the place certainly has atmosphere. But they cater to tourists so you are rushed in and out - they know you won't be back. The food there was good and prices fair and service was professional but a bit arrogant. And you can have fun with their liqueurs (all home-made). Full of antiques and I loved the cellar (except they had to move our table to get to it).
        We also found what looked a fantastic menu at a restaurant that was fully booked (again in none of our guide books). Unfortunately I've misfiled my maps so don't have the address or name. But, it's about 5 minutes from D'Vijff Vlieghen - from there you go back to the main street (the entrance to 5 Flies is at the side down an alley), turn right and then right after the square to cross a canal bridge (the first one you see). Then continue straight on (straight ahead after crossing the bridge) until you hit a block with restaurants/shops on both sides (couple of minutes). The restaurant is in the middle of that block on your left.
        If I find my notes/maps I'll post addresses.