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Feb 23, 2001 10:08 PM

the ivy (london) curry?

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got AA Gill's "The Ivy" cookery book a while back as a gift and i used it for the first time yesterday. I made the chicken masala. as is stated in the book, not a dish you'd expect at a posh restaurant. but it tasted really good! i was getting sick of the jaffrey recipes. i was wondering if anyone over in london had ordered it at the Ivy? i seem to remember Simon really reveres the AA himself (only joshing), but we had second day's lot today and it was even better (as is usual) than yesterday's.

something i don't much like about the book is that all recipes are for 8 people. this is silly! i upped the ante for the dish and although making 4 portions (over 2 days), i kept the spices etc at 8 portions. As called for i added 2 small chiles. i included 2 scotch bonnets. .they were so tiny, and innocent. i chopped them up with my bare hands. yip, my hands screamed murder.. now i know why trapped prey will knaw their paws off! but that chick masala was good.

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    Simon Majumdar

    The curry at the Ivy is wonderful. As far as AA's involvement, does the term ghost writer mean anything to you?

    The man's knowledge of food is on a par with my understanding of the fairer sex.

    'nuff said:)