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Feb 17, 2001 07:38 PM

restaurant in london

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we will be in london at the bonnington hotel on southampton row for six days starting the 22nd of feb. does anyone know of a good moderate priced szechwan or hunan restaurant?

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    Simon Majumdar

    Although it is a little trip from your hotel, I must urge you to visit one place in London.

    The Hunan in Pimlico ( just a short walk from Victoria tube ) is one of the best Hunan places on earth. The owner will not let you order or if you do he will snort in contempt. He will just bring dishes to you and you will be amazed. All are authentic and amazingly flavourful. This is one of the true treasures of our fair city

    Please, please do try it and just go with the flow.

    Well worth it

    Hope this helps

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      thank you Simon, we will follow you suggestion, the tube runs so will be no problem. While I am not an old china hand, I have worked for short periods of time in Taiwan and have visted twice in PRC plus have worked for a chinese bank. Enjoy thier food very much, again thank you. Jay

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