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Feb 10, 2001 03:44 PM

india club dinner

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well, drinks and dinner was a blast ... what'd you guys think of the india club?

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  1. I had a really great time. The India Club was excellent, I will definately be a regular from now on. For other people who read this message and haven't been, I would have to say it's not exactly pretty or very comfortable, but the food was, in my limited experience of proper Indian food, top notch stuff.

    I had read that the Curry Club of Great britian use the place for their monthly meetings, so had sort of expected it to be for serious diners only. But it's not like that at all, no previous knowledge or experience required or expected by the staff to enjoy the food. It's very approachable.

    The service was also very good. There was a real mix of people in the room, from, I would guess, curry connoisseurs to a couple with a babe in arms and students after some cheap eats.

    Hopefully there will be another Chowhound dinner soon. I was very interested in the Lebonese places that were discussed on Friday, prehaps one of those could be a candidate for next time?

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    1. re: Andy Lynes

      I corroborate! I must admit that chili bhaji nearly blew my head off, though. Anyway, what a low key, yummy and fun evening that must be oft-repeated.

      I for one would be willing to come to Brighton, why not?

      Meanwhile - I'll be trying Mohsen (sp) one of the Lebanese places that I believe Howler mentioned, and I'll report back as to whether it seems like a place that would accommodate a group that wants to linger.
      Or Aloonac (I'm sure I'm spelling that incorrectly) a Persian place that has come highly recommended...alas, I believe it's in W. Kensington which is just hair-tearingly inaccessible by train these days..

      Thanks for organising and hosting, Simon & Howler - and any Chowhounds who come to London- get in touch if you are interested and perhaps we can arrange another get-together.

    2. As y'all know, we're about to do this Chowhound get together thing in Manhattan next week, so I'm really curious - was it awkward? surprising? did people seem like their online personalities (you guys have some of the strongest personalities on the site in your gang)? was the conversation strictly chow-centric or did it branch out? C'mon - we know the food was good, how about some gossipy goodness?

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      1. re: Elaine
        Simon Majumdar


        I for one was nervous, would Howler be wearing any clothes ( he was ) would Magnolia be whistling Moby songs ( she restrained herself ) would Andy mention Chez Bruce:) ( he did, but at our behest )

        Actually, there was little or no weirdness. The rather strong Bloody Mary's at the Agency and the dependable food at The India Club, soon put us all at ease. Plus the star spotting at No1 The Aldwych ( Bono & the Edge ) added an nice touch.

        The conversation was pretty wide ranging. All the usual stuff, books, films, music and of course chow.

        An unqualified success. Let's hope we can do it again really soon. Brighton or Claridges?

      2. Am upset I bottled out of coming in favour of endless bottles of wine and singing badly along to sleazy West Coast hip hop in Bethnal Green, but I was still reeling from the previous night's meeting with about 15 PopBitch people, and I think two breaches of the real/virtual divide in two nights would have caused some kind of serious eddies in the spacetime continuum, or something. Glad it went swimmingly - hopefully see you all at the next one. Oh, how many people were there, incidentally?