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Feb 1, 2001 05:37 AM

needed: a thai restaurant for tonight

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i have some friends in from paris tonight who are craving anything oriental & spicy, preferably thai. wheres the best - authentic - place to go? i'd take them to c&a, but i've been there too often of late.

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  1. s
    Simon Majumdar

    I have yet to have a bad meal at Sri Siam on Old Compton St

    Also for malaysian try Melati's just round the corner from C&A on Rupert St

    Either will hit the spot

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      there's two melatis in the phone book - great windmill street and peter street, both W1.

      which one?

      1. re: howler
        Simon Majumdar

        Peter St

        Though either is fine

        1. re: howler
          yvonne johnson

          if you go to melati, you must have the hot soup with coconut, chile and coriander (and maybe choice of chicken or seafood). Order several. really delicious. I'd go just for that.