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Feb 1, 2001 05:10 AM

Clifton's - Maida Vale, London - a gem!

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Went to Clifton's, 49 Maida Vale, for dinner. Had never heard of it, and only saw one review posted in window - Faye Maschler - a superficial net search revealed no more. Can't understand how this neighbourhood place has been overlooked - it wasn't crowded, and there's not much going in that neighbourhood at all.

It was cozy but not cramped - dimmish lighting, mirrors (I am assuming this is so the waiters can make sure not to approach you when you're snogging -something I found out the embarrassing way!) spirit lamps made from champagne & wine bottles; service was great. Food was fantastic: starter of oriental duck lasagne was out of this world; rack of lamb in port sauce was perfectly cooked; duck cassoulet was more duck and sausage and whatever than beans, which is a sign of generosity! Portions were huge. Washed down with decent merlot by the glass - £50 for two. Skipped pudding - had to be home in time for Sex & the City, bien sur!

Was too tired to grill the front of house & ask to speak with the chef to find out what the deal is. Maybe Wednesday night's a funny night? Any insight is appreciated...

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