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Jan 24, 2001 06:54 PM

Food in Docklands?

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IFE is fast approaching and we're booked in the fabulous International Brittania in Docklands, just a quick light rail ride away from Excel.

Anything good close to Excel or the hotel?

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    Simon Majumdar

    Thanks for your advice on the SF board

    Docklands is getting better and I can recommend the following

    1)The House - on Ropemakers field ( Mod Brit )
    2)Il Bordello - Wapping High St ( cheap & Cheerful bu ok Italian )
    3)Quadrato - Good but expensive Italian in the 4 Seasons in Canary Wharf
    4)Tabla - Hertsmere Rd. No relation to the really grim place of the same name in Manhattan. But a very good indian place
    5)Gaucho Grill - A good chain Argentinian Steak place in Canary Wharf. Excellent beef

    If you are prepared to come a bit further in to E1/EC1 - there are some wonderful places. Do try No1 Blossom St near spitalfields ( beautiful room and lovely food )

    Hope this helps


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar
      Alexandra Eisler

      Wonderful-many thanks!

      I've been hearing horror stories about the wait for the light rail. Any truth to the rumors?

      1. re: Alexandra Eisler
        Simon Majumdar

        I don't have to use it or any public transport that often. The joys of living within walking distance of work.

        when I have used it, it has always been fine, but that is once every couple of weeks, if that

        have a great time


        1. re: Simon Majumdar
          Alexandra Eisler

          Thanks and see you here in April!