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Jan 19, 2001 05:20 PM

Nobu - London

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I was just wondering if there is a Nobu in London. And if so is it connected to the one in Manhattan, NY.

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    Simon Majumdar

    There is. It is in the Metropolitan Hotel in Park Lane. It is part of the same group as Nobu in NY and I found both to be profoundly disappointing.

    the last time I went there my date who has an allergy to salmon and tuna ( good choice on my part huh? but she didn't warn me ) had a siezure because the chef had used the knife from preparing tuna on her dishes despite specific instructions.

    Although I rank Schraeger places on my most hated list, the best sushi I have had in London recently was at the Sea Bar in The St Martin's Lane Hotel. It was well on the whole a more delicate affair than Nobu's offerings.

    BTW I have just been invited to a party at Nobu next week so I will report back

    hope this helps