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Jan 14, 2001 02:58 PM

wedding in Devon

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My son is getting married in Devon,UK in Oct. Anyone out there know of special places to eat? Stay? Ideas on a pub to accommodate a rehearsal dinner? I'm sure he'll be researching this too, but we can use whatever help we can get. Thanks as always. pat

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  1. I'm going in Feb on a reconnaissance mission for a travel guide. So far I've got lots of research & suggestions from other people...and will be weeding them out & acting on them.

    Where is your son getting married?

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      Magnolia: They're not 100% sure at this point. But I'd be grateful if you would give me your impressions of the town and any other interesting bits you discover. pat

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      Jon Mitchell

      If you're anywhere near Dartmouth (lovely place if you avoid Regatta week) you should think about The Carved Angel. It's first class and very well known in the area. As for pubs, the nicest one around is The Gunfield which is perfectly set, overlooking Dartmouth, a short walk out of town. They have a rooms as well and i think it would be a lovely place to stay.

      I'd advise against going to the recently opened fish restaurant, Hooked, as although they tout themselves as a serious restaurant they are in fact rank amateurs. I booked a table for 9.30pm one evening and when we showed up at 9.31pm they refused us a table on the grounds that the kitchen closes at 9.30pm sharp. They then implied I was a complete idiot by saying I would have been told about this when I made the booking. I wasn't. Their rudeness and inhospitality was compounded by the fact that they only had one other table in that night. It was a Friday. On reflection I think we narrowly avoided an expensive mistake.

      Stick to The Carved Angel, they know what they're doing.

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        Jon, Thanks very much for this info. I don't know the geography of that area well, but I'll sure pass this on to my son. There'll be a number of us who will stay on to travel around a bit after the wedding so no good tips will go to waste. Thanks again. pat

        1. re: pat hammond
          Jon Mitchell

          This got me thinking of Dartmouth (I'm spending Easter there) and a quick search revealed that The Gunfield has its own website at (it's the larger of the two buildings on the first page). Looks good, huh ?

          1. re: Jon Mitchell

            Looks very good, indeed! I particularly like the room with the window seat and casement windows open to the outdoors. The views must be breathtaking. Thanks very much, yet again! pat