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Jan 4, 2001 01:27 PM

Emilia-Romagna & Florence

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We are headed to Italy in mid-april- staying in Brisghella- Torre di Pratesi, Cortona- Villa Fontelunga, and Florence- The Savoy. The one restaurant I know I must visit is Osteria Guisti in Modena- Does anyone have any other recommendations, opinions regarding not only restaurants but markets, hotels, cooking schools? I would love any feedback!

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    stephen kaye

    at Giusti, you must make a reservation, they only seat apprx 15 people. call or fax, or have your conceirge take care of it. ask for Matteo, owners son, he's very helpful. don't miss shopping at their salumeria attached to the restaurant. how many day, in the other cities are you staying??

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      We do have a reservation at Guisti, and are looking forward to it- we are staying 3 days in each area- emilia romagna, florence and cortoona- and are looking forward to it!

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        pls say hello to Matteo (owners son), for me. and if possible let me know his email# if he has one? he will remember me as the guy/american, who sent him fred plotkins book "italy for the gourmet traveller". also in modena try tratt. bianco. modena is a very cool town indeed. enjoy!

    2. So as not to bore everyone with my one-millionth recitation of this stuff, I attach a link to my account of a recent Tuscany trip - including restaurant discussions in Cortona and Florence.

      As to hotels, we really liked the Hotel Lungarno in Florence. When we walked over and looked at the Savoy, we liked its location and "feel" much less - they're similarly priced so you might do a websearch and look at some pix of the Lungarno - if you decide to stay there, INSIST on a room w/ balcony overlooking the Arno. Pure romance.


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        If you go any where NEAR Florence and don't go to Cibreo, you will be a very foolish person.
        Make a reservation as soon as you can. The tel# is
        234 11 00. I believe the country code for Italy is 39 but I don't know the city code for Florence.


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            Another great dinner with old world ambiance is Acqua Per Duo...right in Florence and you will need reservations.......all the succulent hearty classics and an excellent wine list.........

          2. Haven't been to Florence in TOO LONG... but if they are still open...

            Ciangale Bianco (The White Boar - near Pitti Palace - great gnocchi)
            Deno's (over near all the little leather workshops - awesome herb risotto - can still conjure up the flavor in my head)

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              Chingalle Bianco. This was one of my fave places in Florence. We ate a bunch of places and this one was reasonable and tasty. You must try the Boar with Fettucine. Don't get the Tuscan Steak here as they don;t have the right oven. The much heralded wine family's place(name esacpes me? Antico?) is not all that. the menu is boring and its full of tourists. Have a glass of wine at the bar instead. Didn't get to Cibreo but here good stuff. I lucked out and had a meal at the Golden Bowl. This is what Tuscan eating is about!!