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Jan 2, 2001 05:05 PM

London restaurants, more questions

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Please give views on these:
j sheeky
chez bruce

Again, thank you all

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    Simon Majumdar

    Hi Martin

    roussillon - Haven't been

    petrus - Stupendous and stupendously expensive. run by the people who used to run L'oranger. I had a truly memorable truffle soup there

    tamarind - I am not a fan. It is a very popular place with the c list celeb crowd and they deserve everything they get. Over spicing and lousy service.

    j sheeky - I love this place in all its unreconstructed glory. recently given a makover by new owners, it has lost none of its old charm. Superlative fish well prepared in cosseting surroundings. Precede the meal with a pint in the Salisbury on St Martin's Lane. Have Oysters, Dover Sole and their Creme Brulee. Not exactly adventurous but wonderful. On My A list

    chez bruce - So So. Well reviewed, but I was not so impressed for a meal that cost c£150 for two

    chives - Don't Know

    l'anis - This is fine and an almost steretypically "modern London" restaurant. There are more fun places in Kensington/Notting Hill ( Kensington Place, Clarkes etc ) and Knightsbridge ( Isola ) but it is a perfectly fine if unmemorable meal. Modern british, lots of seared tuna and cornfed chicken

    hunan - Excellent. Superb seafood and hot pots ( if it is the place I am thinking off) but there are better. Fung shin and Harbour City to name but two

    sarkhel's.- Don't know

    Also for fish, I forgot to mention the Sea Bar in the St Martin's Lane Hotel which is the only good thing about this ghastly Schraeger place. The fish is fresh, there is wonderful sushi and the room is like nothing you have ever seen before

    And finally, had a great meal at The Brackenbury in Hammersmith last weekend. Magnolia also approved and I can heartily recommend braving the horrors of the tube to get out to it. It is probably one of the few reasons to ever go to that part of town although I understand some people actually live there!!!!!!

    Have fun


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Re Sarkhels
      Good bengali food festival going on until 2/9/01. you will enjoy it i'm sure. try the lamb shank also

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      Hammond Wright

      Went to Roussillon in September (2000) and had the Garden Menu. It is a tasting menu and I found that despite six courses it was unfilling. However some genuine good cooking especially desserts. I have seen a recent menu and it has added a seventh course- a cheese course preceding the desserts (two courses).

      The service was good and the sommelier was getting stuck in tasting the wines before serving. Those who ordered a la carte had what appeared to be filling portions.