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Nassau/Atlanis resort eats

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Just back from 6 glorious, warm days in the Bahamas. and the food wasn't as uneventful as I expected.

First, finding "native" food is somewhat difficult, especially when staying at a resort. But, we did our best. In Nassau, try the Poop Deck where they have delightful conch fritters and great grouper. The seafood there is sooo fresh, and the drinks are strong. The Poop Deck is east of downtown Nassau and on the "other side" of the bridges, so many tourists don't make it there. Right underneath the Nassau-bound bridge on the Nassau side, tons of vendors set up stands with fish, conch, and other yummies. Most of these will sell you fresh fish, but some also make conch salad while you wait, others have grills for fish. Wash it all down with some rum-concoction.

We tried to eat at Greycliff, the only 5-star restaurant in Nassau. Unfortunately, my husband forgot to bring a jacket, so they wouldn't seat us. I feel okay though, because the menu was really continental with little creativity or Bahahmian flavor.

On Paradise Island, all the restaurants are at Atlantis, with one exception. Like many will tell you, the food at Atlantis is unreasonably expensive. We paid $40 for 2 burgers and 2 beers. However, some of it was really worth the funds. At 5 Twins, we had the sushi/satay bar, and it was wonderful. While the sushi wasn't adventurous, the fish was impeccably fresh. And they serve the biggest pour of sake I've ever seen! Mama Loo's, the Chinese place at the hotel, was unexpectedly good. They had the best hot and sour soup I've ever had. Finally, for our one really expensive meal, we ate at Fathoms, the big fish restaurant at Atlantis. The "Tower of Courage" appetizer was a huge serving of whatever is at the raw bar. The stone crab claws were incredible, as were the oysters and clams. My sea bass, very simply grilled with a mango salsa on the side, was perfect, flavorful and succulent.

Finally, the Ocean Club on Paradise Island has a new restaurant called Dive, which is run by Jean-George Vong...We couldn't get a res, but the menu looked fantastic.

I dream of warm weather...

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  1. Just came back recently from Paradise Island myself. While it was cold and rainy, I guess it was better than New York.

    I didn't enjoy the food very much in Paradise Island -- that island is totally geared for tourists. Fried conch is okay for a day or two, but you can get awfully tired of that. I also wasn't too keen on ordering things like pizza and burgers. Perhaps I'm spoiled by all the wonderful restaurants in New York.

    Unfortunately, one of my traveling companions had a very weak stomach, and was hesitant to try the stands on the other side of the bridge.

    I did, however, have this one very good meal at this Chinese restaurant about a 15-min walk from the other side of the Paradise Island bridge. The conch with black bean sauce was sublime -- most tender conch I've ever had -- and a bargain at $16.95. And the conch salad -- oh, big chunks of conch studded with bits of tomato, lime, onion and jalepenos.

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      while i was at atlanis, i LOVED everything i had,infact, i find myself thinking back to some of the spefic meals i had