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Oct 3, 2003 04:34 PM

Turtle meat

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I want to make turtle soup and need to find some turtle meat. Polarica has a 5 pound minimum. I don't need that much. I know you can get turtle in Chinatown, but I don't want to have to blood let and skin it and all. Does anyone know where I can get just turtle meat?

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  1. If you're anywhere near the Sunset district, you can try Bay Game Birds Company. It's a Chinese owned shop, which sells all kinds of live game as well as turtles. You might call first and ask if they clean them for you. My mom recently bought something there that looked exactly like a live turtle, but its shell was softer (she called it yuw yeuw), and they killed and gutted it for her.

    Bay Game Birds Co. 1317 20th Avenue @ Irving, (415)731-3268

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      Stanley Stephan

      How did your mom prepare that?

      1. re: Stanley Stephan

        Ok, so I misspoke. It wasn't yuw yeuw, which is Cantonese for squid. It was sery yeuw.

        As to how my mom prepared it... well first let me say that it was a basic brothy soup; I didn't much care for the flavor, so I can't recommend it really, but since you asked:

        3lbs sery yeuw
        1 black-skinned chicken (~2 lbs)
        0.5 lbs lean pork
        big chunk of ginger
        ~2 preserved scallops
        8-10 pieces of wai san (My mom and I went round and round on this. After 10 minutes, I still couldn't understand what wai san is (and have never seen them so can't even describe it) I think they look like little red/yellow seeds??)
        Bring ~ 72 ozs of water to boiling, and throw everything in. Lower the heat after 10 mins, and simmer for ~2hrs.
        Season w/salt as desired.

        I think I'd try Gary Soup's recipe :)

        1. re: katie young
          Stanley Stephan

          Thanks. Actually just curious. Cooking eggs is a challenge for me.I think I would get the vapors just trying to go out and buy a turtle. Just never heard of soft shelled turtles before.

          BTW, your review of Askew Grill made the Chow News this week. You are new to the board, so you might not be aware that there is a weekly summary of all the weeks posts with nice little summaries.

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        Soft-shelled turtle (jia yu) is commonly used in Chinese cooking. You can use the shell as well as the meat, but the texture takes some getting used to. My wife made turtle soup from soft-shelled turtle for me once, but I told her I wasn't happy about the implication (it's a common remedy for impotence, LOL).

        Here's a recipe from Hunan I wished she had made instead:


        1. re: Gary Soup
          Stanley Stephan

          I wonder if you could make them like soft shell crabs ... a little breadcrubs and fried up. Do you know if these are seasonal like crabs, or are they baby turtles?

          1. re: Stanley Stephan

            No, they are adult turtles, just a soft-shelled variety.

      3. just FYI, regarding endangered species:


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          I wondered about that when I read the post.