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Nov 27, 2000 03:54 AM

AndyP - tell us about your Thanksgiving

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Hey Andy:

Hope you're still making my pizza recipe.

On another board you mentioned your Thanksgiving ritual and I'm wondering how it went and what was consumed at the feast. Let us know please. Thanks.

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  1. Hey bryan:

    Am I still making your pizza recipe? My, oh my, yes! "Pizza and video night" is becoming a bit of a one-Saturday-a-month tradition with her and me.

    Thanksgiving 2000 in Tokyo...

    In the previous post to which you referred, I stated that since Thanksgiving is just another Thursday over here, a group of us goes out to a fav restaurant, and the following weekend, we feast at the home of a friend.

    That scenario changed quite a bit this year, thanks to the fact that November 23rd over here turns out to be the Japanese national holiday, "Kinro kansha no hi", which translates to "Labor Thanksgiving Day". So, the call came in on Monday, November 20th, that we would be having the home-cooked feast on Thanksgiving day.

    As is apt to happen in expat circles of friends, people come, and people go. There were a LOT of new faces on Thursday, with many old, familiar faces missing. Also, for the first time, there were a quite a few kids there this year, which gave the whole day a real "American Thanksgiving" feel. Last year, there were people from quite a few different countries in attendance. This year, it was about 60% Americans, and 40% Japanese. At the height of the day, there were probably 50 or so people at the gathering.

    The amazing, home-made food was served buffet style, and included:

    2 roasted turkeys

    1 deep-fried, cajun-seasoned turkey, (fantastic!)

    2 kinds of stuffing. The stuffing with apples, sausage, and pecans was just the best stuffing I've had in a long time.

    Mashed potatoes, liberally seasoned with black pepper, white pepper, and parsley.

    Mashed potatoes, regular.

    3 kinds of gravy.

    Macaroni and cheese. One of my favorites. This stuff had definitely never seen the inside of a box.

    Collard greens with ham. Sooo good and savory!

    Smothered pork loin. I'm still waiting for the recipe.

    Candied yams.

    Waldorf salad. (one of my contributions)

    Baked sweet potatoes.

    Green beans with sauteed apples, onions, and walnuts.
    (another of my contributions.)

    Fried chicken.

    Cole slaw.

    Spring rolls. These were so good. Watching the lady in the kitchen make these was a truly humbling experience. I've never seen hands moving so quickly. She rolled up 50 spring rolls in the time that it would take me to make 10. And her skill with the wok had many wondering if she was a professional chef. (No, she isn't).

    Pies (all of which were delicious):

    6 sweet potato pies. (2 contributed by me)

    3 pumpkin pies.

    2 pecan pies.

    2 apple pies.

    1 apple/cranberry pie.

    1 rhubarb pie.

    Also, we had many bottles of wine, coolers with beer,
    and lots of kid-friendly beverages.

    Anybody hoping to take some leftovers home with them was sadly disappointed. There was nothing left but the turkey bones, and these were claimed early on.

    All in all, it was a wonderful day to be in Tokyo. And, I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving, too.