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Nov 24, 2000 03:24 PM

New Year's Eve in Florence--Advice Please

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Our family of four (all adults) will be in Florence
on New Year's Eve, and we are trying to plan a festive
evening with the understanding that we will have to
book a restaurant well in advance. We don't want to
dress up, and we hope to enjoy the street scene if
there is one. We would appreciate any advice on
restaurants to visit and other "amusements" on that
evening. Please advise.

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  1. Hi Neil,

    Seeing that you aren't getting any immediate responses to your post, might I suggest the following endeavour?

    On the main index page of, up in the right hand corner, is a search option. When I entered in "Florence", I was obliged with quite a few postings, from the past, on the subject.

    If you've already tried this method, and didn't find any pertinent information to help you out during your trip, then please be patient. I'm sure that all of the regular posters/readers will be back soon, after partaking of their Thanksgiving holiday.