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Nov 24, 2000 04:49 AM

Joe Muggs- Brighton Advice Please

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Since you seem to be the expert on all things Brightonian and Hovian.

I am planning a little intrique of my own next weekend ( 1/2/3 ) which can't be in town and thought Brighton may just be the place given the old "dirty weekend " joke

I know where I will be staying but need some suggestions for places to eat. I assume if the recommendation comes from you, that the food will be fantastic but, they must be quiet and discreet . I will certainly try the estimable Black Chapati, but any good seafood places would be appreciated

Also, need some recommendations on the Club Scene ( not for this board I know but I can't be bothered to do two posts ) Brighton apparently being the Club capital of Europe I am told.


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  1. Dirty weekends, hurrah. That's what the place was built for.

    Weeeelll... as I said before, I am a poverty-stricken urchin, and don't often get a chance to check out the cuisine of my dwelling-place unless there is some kind of scam involved. I do know that Terre-a-terre on East Street is very good as far as veggie food is concerned (I know vegitarianism is usually a shorthand for flavour-hatred, but t-a-t has a selection of surprisingly straw-free delights. Food For [Flatulent]Friends, on the other hand is to be avoided). There's another excellent veggie Pacific rim type place just around the corner, whose name escapes me now... I will post that as soon as I return from my weekend's wanderings. Harry's of Palmeira Square seems to have achieved some renown for 'traditional english', but is actually a stack of stodgy poo - you'd be better off at a greasy spoon. I hear there's fantastic Thai to be had above the Smugglers' Arms on Ship Street. But fish places I'm afraid I can't think of right now. I'll ask around when I get home.

    Now, clubs. Don't know what your preferences are... but a universally popular choice on Friday or Saturday seems to be Casablancas on Middle Street, which has live latin and funk bands, a very mixed crowd who really know how to groove, and staff straight out of the Addams family. Most of the rest of the town seems to be swamped by commercial house nonsense, but if you head to a lovely bar called Ali-Cats underneath The Prodigal, again on East Street, the staff will usually guide you toward some deeper and more interesting music. It's also worth picking up the three excellent local free listings guides - Impact, Latest and Brighton Source - which you'll find distributed round pubs and bookshops. Oh, I suppose Sussex Arts Club on Ship Street is worth a go, it's supposedly members-only, but the strictness with which this is enforced varies, and they have the most gorgeous regency ballroom, and a selection of oddballs to chat with.

    Hope this helps, kind sir... I will post any more thoughts as they occur.

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      Simon Majumdar


      Thanks for this. Very useful and including the words Latin Groove and Commercial House without any sense of irony. Well Done


      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        I did not say "latin groove", just "latin", which was shorthand for an excellent combination of salsa, samba (which, in the case of the bands at casablanca's, is generally astonishing), merengue (sp?) and more. Now as for your smirking about "commercial" (or otherwise) house music, you are on thin ice here, I think. I will be glad to take the topic up on the not-about-food board, and perhaps will be able to provide some education for you. I am still looking into other places in Brighton, but I shall keep my knowledge to myself if I think you may be guilty of musical philistinism!!
        Bo, selecta X j