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Nov 23, 2000 09:39 AM

Saturday lunch at The Engineer on Gloucester Ave

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Forgot to regale you guys with a description of my lunch last Saturday at the Engineer on Gloucester Avenue. I actually took notes (but I've lost them so I'll try to do this from memory...)

Rainy, rainy day. Got there just in time to avoid downpour. Had already had breakfast so only had mains & wine...(also, as we passed Chalk Farm tube I got a Pavlovian craving for ice cream - funny how that happens just as we are in the Marine Ices Zone).

Atmosphere: soothing and terra-cotta coloured. Ate in the restaurant not bar area. Not as crowded I anticipated, I guess Saturday's not as kids-oriented or newspaper-brunchy/roasty as Sunday. Can't recall if there was music playing so if there was, perhaps it was unobtrusive and Moby-esque (!)

Service: casual though not aloof; waiter was a blond Rasta via South of France.

Food: I had upmarket kedgeree (smoked haddock on long grain rice, with poached egg; perfectly seasoned so that it had a good kick but didn't leave me with turmeric breath or chartreuse colored teeth)

My date had Bugs Bunny wrapped in bacon, with prunes on a bed of spinach. Also good - the sweetness of the prunes were a nice balance to the saltiness of the bacon though they weren't pitted, and the pits were unnecessary and would have been easy enough to remove. The spinach was a bit boring though, a dash of pepper or some garlic wouldn't have hurt.

Wine: 1/2 bottle of Ch.-neuf-du-Pape Cuvee de Sommeliers 1994...and can I just say that I am crazy about restaurants (and before them, the chateaux themselves) that offer decent wines in half-bottles because I just can't hack more than a glass or two with lunch, and I hate to waste it (or be less wasted than my date!)

Dessert: I refused to be tempted because I had my heart set on gelato (which was yummy).

Two thumbs up!

By the way, anyone know of a place in London besides Marine Ices that sells home-made ice cream or gelato 'artigianale'?

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  1. s
    Simon Majumdar

    You see you ruin a perfectly good ( in fact very good ) report with mention of Moby )

    There is actually a super place just by Brixton market ( which for all things west indian is excellent for a visit anyway ) I can't remember its name , something Italian. I will look it up.

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Thanks for the tip on W. Indian market but it's a bit of a non-sequitur, n'est ce pas? I was looking for advice on gelato...

      1. re: magnolia
        Simon Majumdar

        Should you care to re-read my mail, you will notice that the bit about all things West Indian being available at Brixton was an aside.

        I said that there was also a gelato place around there and I would endeavour to find the name somewhere. May not bother now I feel so offended

        1. re: Simon Majumdar

          Ooops - pre-coffee, sorry, ignored the parens & missed out the word 'anyway', which makes all the difference. Read it as: "There is actually a super place just by Brixton market which for all things west indian is excellent for a visit." Forgive me?

          1. re: magnolia

            Brixton market is pants

            1. re: Motley

              What does this mean?

              1. re: ironmom

                pants = literally, underwear. Also pre-adolescent slang for useless, rubbish, bad, etc.
                Can be used as an expletive, an adjective or a noun (as metaphor) See also: pile of pants.