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Nov 19, 2000 04:59 AM

Magnolia, Howler, and Simon...

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If you shall, for just a moment, cast aside your dignity, and accept a compliment from an expat American, living in Tokyo, I would like to offer one:

Thank you for making the International Board of, by far, the most amusing, (and possibly, by far, the most Anglo-informative) link on this site.

There. That was the compliment. I realize that you may have never read many compliments from actual Americans, (yes, Pat Hammond, I whole-heartedly acknowledge your wonderful post regarding your son's imminent nuputials), but I delight in the witty, and sometimes acerbic, back-and-forth that is wrought from your postings.

If business ever brings me over to our shops in London, I have more information to keep me fed for a month than I would have ever imagined possible! Thank you for your contributions. (That last sentence is another compliment, BTW).

Should your travels ever bring you to Tokyo, please do inform me. I shall be more than happy to host a dinner on your behalf!


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  1. s
    Simon Majumdar


    Thanks. Good to know the horrors of moby concerts ( I am reading between the lines a little) are not mine alone

    I love Tokyo, a truly great city and I don't say that about many places that are not London and NY.

    may be there early next year so will be sure to post for some tips

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Argh! Enough about Moby, already! I'm sorry I ever mentioned it!
      Anyway, I went to Brilliant for dinner and it was.

      PS Anyone who's going to Japan (or not) should read The Lady and the Monk by Pico Iyer.

    2. thanks andy, but mostly i'm just trying to keep simon honest ;) when he goes wild about a particular restaurant, its safe to wonder: is it really good, or did simon just get lucky with his date? is london really a major city on the gastronomic map, or is simon typing in after one glass too many of englands admittedly wonderful ales?

      see you in tokyo, somethime within the next three months.

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      1. re: howler
        Simon Majumdar

        1) Honest as the day is long
        2) My idea of getting lucky on a date is not getting arrested
        3) I thought even with your jaded US centric views you had come to terms with London's promotion to the top of the gastronomic premier league.
        4) My typing is no better sober

        Howler, Howler, Howler:-) When will you learn?

        1. re: howler

          what's to expect next? posts only containing :)'s.

        2. Andy - Thanks for the kind words! You have made my day! Will try to keep it up!
          I'm sure Howler & Simon will as well.